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      Vijal Suthar was born in the Golden State of California, emerging as an independent businesswoman. Her family immigrated to the United States of America to pursue the American Dream, and she is now on a path to achieve it for herself and her community.

From an early age, she understood that nothing in life comes easy – hard work, perseverance, and the fight for livelihood are constant companions. Her guiding motto is, ‘If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.’

After completing her education, she pursued her dream of becoming a business owner, expanding into hospitality, hardware, finance, and the aviation industry. As an active member of the largest Hotel Owners Association, AAHOA, she passionately advocates for hotel owners and small businesses nationwide, addressing issues crucial to shaping the future economy.

An avid pilot, she frequently takes off from Chino Airport, a historic training base for the US Army Air Force during World War II. Her early work experience and education molded her commitment to doing the right thing, breaking glass ceilings as a young female owner and gaining a profound understanding of the world.

Concerned about the unpreparedness of the younger generation, Vijal seeks to lead by example, demonstrating that making a difference and having a purpose are attainable goals. She envisions taking control of our community and economy, aspiring to be better.

Vijal is running for Congress to initiate policies and reforms that address real problems in our district. She is committed to working tirelessly to ensure tangible solutions for the challenges we face.

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